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  • Resolving HTTP Redirects in Python

    Since everyone is using short urls these days and sometimes we just need to know where that URL leads I wrote this handy little function which finds out for us. Redirection can be a kind of tricky thing. We have 301 (“permanent”) and 302 (“temporary”) style status codes and multiple layers of redirection. I think […]

  • Simple Skew Animation with ActionScript 3

    I couldn’t find any good examples on simple tween of a skew effect in actionscipt 3 so I thought I’d share what I came up with. The problem is that skew is not a property on the MovieClip like x or height or others you’re used to tweening with fl.transitions. To apply a skew effect […]

  • Three Alternative Inputs for Video Games

    When you use a computer enough it can start to feel like the mouse becomes a part of you. Very quickly you forget about consciously moving it right or left to control the cursor as it becomes second nature. Essentially it is an extension of your physical self, with which you manipulate the screen as […]

  • Visualizing Wikipedia As One Large Node Graph

    As a network visualization tool, node graphs are an intuitive method of communicating relationships between entities. I’ve been thinking a lot about the semantic web lately and thought it would be cool to visualize all of the links between articles in Wikipedia at once. I want to pull back and get the 10,000 foot view […]

  • Upgrading to MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.3.0 on Centos with Plesk

    This is an account of my experience trying to upgrade MySQL to version 5.1 on my MediaTemple (dv) 3.5 dedicated virtual server. It may help people not on MediaTemple servers, especially if you’re trying to upgrade MySQL without damaging Plesk. There are a lot of forum posts out there that lead you down the wrong […]

  • Summary of Free Graphical Data Modeling Tools

    The Goal: To graphically design a relational data model and generate both DDL to create the DB structure and the PHP5 class structure including public/private member variables and getters, setters, update, create, delete with working DB link. Icing on the cake would be if the data model could be updated graphically after generating the code […]

  • Conficker C and a future with self-evolving computer viruses

    I’m absolutely enthralled by the Conficker C virus after reading this analysis from SRI International. The C variant is the third major generation of the Conficker virus and demonstrates the highest level of sophistication found in any computer virus or worm to date. What excites me most about it is the decentralized nature of its […]