Lawrence Lessig’s TED Talk on Reclaiming the Republic

Lessig talks about how the people have lost control of our government to those who have money. He tells stories of politicians and everyone connected to the political and legislative process evolving their thinking to appease their financiers. Deregulation is politically counter-productive because those involved get steady cash from lobbyists to manipulate those regulations. Total reform is nearly impossible because keeping the status quo means keeping your financial backing.

Lessig offers an emotional argument to draw attention to this issue of corruption, a word he uses many times. He reminds us that regardless of how impossible the task of forcing change in the engine of political finance may seem, we must do it because we love this country as we love our child. Lessig gives no path of action or inspirational light at the end of his talk, making it all the easier to push the problem out of our minds. I would at least resolve to keep the issue in the back of my mind in hope of having some small idea to affect change.


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